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About us

A Family Oriented Company

Felton Royale is committed to rejuvenating customization in fashion. We are living in a world where everything gears towards satisfying customer’s personal needs, we believe fashion should not be an exception in the evolving trend. We involve customers earlier in the journey of bespoke tailoring while creating unique custom-fit collections that capture personal details and preferences.

Since 2019

The company name Felton Royale was registered in 2019 as company in the Netherlands. In principle, it is a family business managed by Felix Okocha and Oghenekobiruo Okocha.

Passionate about uniqueness

We express our creative mind through Fashion, since we are all unique individuals, and that uniqueness should be expressed in every detail of our lifestyle of which fashion should not be an exception.

Inspire your dress sense

Our designer collections focuses on Women, Men, Kids and Babies custom-made clothing. At Felton Royale there is custom-fit dress for everyone. 

Behind the scenes

We are a female-founded company, 100% female-led collaboration team of fashion consultants who value innovation, curiosity, and free-thinking fearlessness in everything that we do.

We take immeasurable pride in our work, intentionally stitching love into the very fiber and fabric of our designs.

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